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The job market in big cities of LPR is not in good condition right now. found out what the level of salaries is in big companies of “the capital of young republic” and where it is still possible to find job in Lugansk.

The level of economic activity in the region and real income of local population were going down constantly starting from 2009-2010. The military conflict in Donbass and economic blockade from Ukraine didn’t help the salaries to grow.

Basically salaries in Lugansk today are on the same level as they were before the war. Inflation reduced buying power and replacement of Ukrainian products with more expensive Russian products caused the growth of prices.

Today is almost impossible to find job at one of working companies of Lugansk, the staff is minimized, people are afraid to lose their position. Most of Lugansk companies that were manufacturing something and were giving work to population were moved to Russia or looted. At the same time some of them continue to work.

The biggest in “republic” manufacture of bakery products, flour, cereals admixed fodders “Luganskmlyn” is one of the most stable companies in occupied part of the region.

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The staff gets salary in Russian Rubles. For average workers it’s about 3.5-4 thousands Russian Rubles for standard number of shifts. Locksmiths and movers get same, and engineers and technical workers get 1-2 thousands more.

Another “unsinkable” company is “Marshal” factory. Despite martial law the factory has orders, mostly from Russia.

The owner of the company is former member of Party of Regions Sergey Gorokhov. When the war started he went to Moscow and took part in TV shows telling about foreign punishers who fight against local population of Donbass. Last year there was information in the media that Sergey Gorokhov is moving his assets and most valuable equipment to Russia.

The salary on “Marshal” factory depends on the number of shifts and the qualification level. The average worker gets about 4 thousands UAH for 20 shifts, that’s not bad in local standards.


“From time to time in industrial and municipal companies of the city there are vacancies of locksmiths and mechanics. The competition for such positions is pretty high, they look at your age, qualification and if you like to drink or not. 1st I got lucky, there was a vacancy of electrician at one of such companies, but when I called there and they found out I was older than 50, they rejected me. In the city employment center they mostly offer public works, but I don’t like swinging a shovel or broom for 1218 UAH per month, even if that’s only for half a day, and the age is not right for that.” told Andrey Vitaliyevich from Lugansk.

He also says that another real chance to get a job for a man of middle age is to go to work as security guard or a watchman. They usually hire men to work as security guards of the age below 40 and for watchmen they look for someone below 50. And because the number of candidates is more than needed employers can chose and they prefer to hire someone who has experience of working in police or army. Watchmen get 2-2.5 thousands of Russian Rubles or 1200-1250 UAH for 10-12 shifts per month.

Another area where vacancies are available from time to time is retail. The salary of the sales person of Lugansk markets is about 100 UAH for dayshift. Depending on the goods they sell and the volume it can be higher. Sales persons in small shops and cheap cafes is pretty same.

Anna from Lugansk recently got a job in popular among locals barbeque café. She receives 100 UAH per day for helping in a kitchen and cleaning the place. She also says that in case she works extra hours or stays late she gets paid more sometimes. “I am quite happy as the work is not hard and they pay me every day at the end of the shift. I think I got good job” says Anna.


Work in government and municipal companies of Lugansk has its own specifics. Salaries there are small and are often delayed. That’s why there are not enough teachers and doctors in schools of Lugansk.

Those who work in municipal companies make about 2-3 thousands UAH depending on qualification and type of work.

As you can see the income of people of Lugansk is not high. Probably in other cities of the “republic” people make same or even less. In general the amount of people who are looking for a job is much higher that available vacancies. Nevertheless it’s still possible to find a job, but there is no stability or high income.

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